The earliest collection of books were purchased with money from a government Public Works Project which started the library in the 1930's.  Betty Perry was in charge of the library that was located within her father's clothing store.  Then in 1946 community ladies along with then Major Rudy Hurlock were instrumental in securing town money to start and support a library.  Five ladies served on the first board of trustees and Mrs. C.M. Porter was the first librarian to serve from January to June 1946.  Then next librarian was Mrs. Martha Ramsey, who served twenty five years, from June 1946 to December 31, 1967.

In 1951, the library closed for a short while to remodel and add needed improvements.  The library was located above the fire station.  The stairs needed to reach the library made it difficult and provided limited use for the old people.

In 1969, the city council leased a new site for the library on the ground floor of the Siglin Building.  With the help of close to 50 people everything -- books, shelves, furniture, etc. was moved one block north to the new location.

The third librarian was Mrs. Ina Beck serving January 1, 1968 until January 1, 1983, fifteen years. Then Janice Nelson and Jan Danilson followed as the librarians. In 1987, the library was one of the first 59 libraries in Iowa to receive State accreditation.

 April 1988, Larry's Bar and Grill along with Little Brown Hut, business on Main Street, were demolished by the city of Woodward and the land was purchased by the city for a new library.  January 1990 by a vote of four to one by the city council to allow the Library to begin fund raising for the new building.  July 1990 fund raising began with a raffle for a VCR raising $500.  Donations and fund raisers continued and in June 1996 the amount for the building was $76,399.

Discussions on the proposed building began on March 18, 1992 and on April 27th the Library Board approved the bid for the building and voted to hire a local person, Larry Spenla as the general contractor for the project.  Ground breaking was held on June 8, 1992 and dedication was on October 31, 1992 with a cornerstone laying ceremony. On Saturday, December 26, 1992, the old Library was closed and volunteers began moving the library collections and furnishings to the new building.  The new Library opened on January 3, 1993.

August 15, 2019