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Introduction to 2021 Library Events

Words from your Library Director

As the world transitions into 2021, the Woodward Public Library will be celebrating all year, its 75th Anniversary.  Although a library had been set up in the 30’s and located in a clothing store on Main Street, it was officially ‘born’ in January 1946, and 2021 the library will officially be 75.  Even as the country will still be taking precautions, we will celebrate.

In January, I will begin the story of how the library was birth into being and over the years has become the heart of Woodward.  Each month, installments of the library’s history, will be placed on the library’s website and announcements will be placed on Facebooks.  On the website, you will find the continuing library biography, interesting facts, occasional contests, pictures, and watch to see when the Open House will be. Check back each month and check often.  On Facebook will be trivia questions and contests.

Remember, Woodward, celebrate the library’s 75th anniversary, this is your achievement.  Celebrate by coming to the library and come in often.

Director: Myrna Griffith
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