Woodward Public Library presents:

The 1st Annual       

Great Reading          



The RULES and GOALS of GRC 2022:


1.    This reading challenge is open to adults 18+.

2.    Please sign up at the Circulation Desk or at wpldirector@minburncomm.net

3.    Use this log to track you reading for the year.

4.    Pick your books based on the categories or find categories to fit the books you were going to read anyway.  It works both ways!

5.    Read. A lot. Read books in lots of different categories.

You can listen to books on audio, read eBooks, read titles in graphic novel format, read middle grade, and young adult titles, too.  Just make sure they are appropriately long, 100+ pages usually.  Use your best judgement.

6.    You set your own goals for GRC and track you own books. At the end of the year, you will submit the total number of books you read for 2022. You won’t need to turn in this log.

7.    Reading goal levels are listed below:

        BRONZE LEVEL:          READ 18-29 BOOKS

        SILVER LEVEL:            READ 30-49 BOOKS

        GOLD LEVEL:               READ 50-79 BOOKS

        PLATINUM LEVEL       READ 80-99 BOOKS

        DIAMOND LEVEL        READ 100+ BOOKS



The deadline to turn in the number of books you have read for the year is Friday, December 30, 2022.


     Reading levels will be awarded in January 2023.  Check our website for the new books that are added each month.  If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact the library.